These are the Perl 6 Tablets, a comprehensive manual, aiming to support many different ways of learning. The content is nicely sorted and indexed and many links allow you to follow your interest freely. For a lightweight introduction, try the Perl 6 Tutorial written by Herbert Breunung or the community Book Using Perl 6. If that is too easy, read the specs.


This documentation is currently under construction, we mean that literally. Therefore the data presented is partial and subject to changes. If you like to help, look here.

Tablets 1-4 have some substance, but most complete are Appendices A, B, D, G, H.

Preface and Introduction

Tablet 0: History

Tablet 1: Language Design (Strategy, Principles, Trends)

Tablet 2: Basic Syntax (Spaces, Comments, Literals, Quoting, Formatting)

Tablet 3: Variables (Sigils, Twigils, Assignment, Typing, Scopes)

Tablet 4: Operators (Comparison, Math, String, Logic, List, Metaops)

Tablet 5: IO (Command Line, Files, Sockets, Network, Misc.)

Tablet 6: Blocks (Conditions, Loops, Jump Statements)

Tablet 7: Subroutines (Signatures, Multis, Modules)

Tablet 8: Objects (Classes, Roles, Delegation)

Tablet 9: Regex (Rules, Grammars)

Tablet 10: Metaprogramming (Macros, Selfmade Ops, DSL)

Appendix A: Sorted Index (all ops, builtins, methods, alphabetically ordered)

Appendix B: Grouped Index (cheat sheets and summary tables, content like Appendix A but grouped by topic)

Appendix C: Cookbook (chunks of everyday Perl 5, translated into idiomatic Perl 6)

Appendix D: Delta (most drastic changes beween 5 and 6)

Appendix E: Exciting (excellent, best-of, appetizer tour)

Appendix F: FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Appendix G: Glossary (complicated words explained)

Appendix H: Href (links to other resources)